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VMS for Less and Much Much More.

The SkyMate Vessel Monitoring System is designed for commercial fishermen with NOAA tracking requirements. Of all the VMS providers, SkyMate offers the most affordable VMS system that also includes sea surface temperatures, weather forecasts, fish prices, email, and other value-added services that can help you run your fishing business.


New! SkyMate I1500 VMS Package

SkyMate I1500 has been type approved across all regions.

NOAA Fisheries Service Type-Approved VMS Units


Lowest Power Consumption

Lowest Cost of Service

Lowest Installation Cost



Type approved in all VMS regions.

Position Specify

Position Specify Sends automated position reports to NOAA and anyone else you specify when you specify. The reports are sent by email and include easy to read full color charts.


Weather Get real time forecasts with color NEXRAD radar images or 24 hour NOAA charts when you want. Plus, receive text forecasts and 7 day projections with wave height, wind speed and direction, and buoy reports.

Fish Prices

Fish Prices Fish prices from the Fulton Fish Market in NY or the New England Auction in Boston can be obtained daily.

Sea Surface Temperatures

sea surface temperatures SkyMate's SST services provides the most up-to-date sea surface temperature charts to your vessel, and you can choose to have charts sent to you in a number of ways:

* upon request

* scheduled for delivery at a specified time

* have updates sent automatically whenever new source data is generated


Email Keep in touch with family and friends while at sea. Send and receive info important to your business such as current fish prices or catch reports.

Service Plans

SkyMate offers you the flexibility to change your service plan month-to-month based on your fishing activity. *

Platinum Plan

Send or receive 50,000 characters per month for just $73.99. Additional data costs only $1.40 per 1000 characters.

Gold Plan

Send or receive 20,000 characters per month for just $38.99. Additional data costs only $1.90 per 1000 characters.

Silver Plan

Send or receive 8,000 characters per month for just $21.99. Additional data costs only $2.25 per 1000 characters.

SkyMate suggests the following plans based on your reporting requirements. Each position report equals 20 characters.

DryDock Plan

When you're not using your boat for at least 3 months, pay just $6.99 a month to maintain your account and continue enjoying access to your online mailbox.

Reporting Interval Reports Per Day Characters/Month Lowest Cost Plan Lowest Plan with Messaging
Hourly 24 14,400 Silver Gold
Every 30 Minutes 48 28,800 Gold Platinum

*$149 one time fee charged upon activation.

**Free service is up to the Gold Plan.

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